Retail Hell


Since I quite refuse to set myself up for failure like MegaTokyo, I'm not going to put a 'coming soon' notice here. I'm just going to half-ass the character page without images. And only four of the six million charactes - I'll add the rest as they appear/as I get the energy.


Caelan O'Neill: Quick tempered cashier with an acerbic tongue, it's somewhat a mystery of how she gets so few complaints. Roommate of Clare Takahashi and sees DaveS and Rayvyn as younger siblings - she (and Clare) alone have the right to torment them.


Clare Takahashi: One of the supervisors of the cashiers, Clare is only there to pay the rent whilst she attends law school. She's quiet and mischevious and, for the most part, an ex-smoker. Enjoys a tumbler of whiskey after work, school and any other excuse she may find.


Dave "DaveS" Smith: Emo boy who enjoys clothing design. Shyness makes him a loner at school, but the exhubarant Rayvyn drags him off on all of her adventures - on and off the clock. Wishes that he had a less common name and that he stood out more in a crowd.

Candice "Rayvyn" Cheston: Loud and obnoxious, Rayvyn (or, as her mother calls her, Candi) avoids work like a pro. Technically employed in fashion, Rayvyn can be more commonly found hanging out in the front end with DaveS.