Retail Hell

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Nikki: I'm pretty happy that I decided to make DaveS the new kid in this version of the scripts - due to the nature of the strip (and my mind), Cae and Clare act like they have always been friends, but, really, they only met a few years back at the Supermart. I think their friendship grew much like Rayvyn and DaveS' will - a meeting of common souls, so to speak.

That and Cae was still in her goth phase when she met Clare - the black hair dye has only recently grown out. Clare, clearly, has still retained the more punky aspects of her hairstyle, just grown out.

Also, omg, we see a tiny, tiny sliver of Rayvyn's face! I swear that the consistent back views of her are completely unintentional - the scripts just seem to be working out that way.

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